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Welcome to the launch of a Business Model unlike any other, ever.

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The Home Of Porn offers bold new nightly entertainment featuring Live Porn Shoots with world famous Porn Stars performing before a 600+ capacity audience in an upscale downtown Toronto nightclub. The entire entertainment including DJs, Guest Hosts, Musical Acts, Comedy etc is broadcast live UHD worldwide via Pay Per View.

First $250K Investment Secured

Never before available in North America, possibly the world, this entrance into the porn industry will gain instant notoriety without competing with existing porn productions. The Home Of Porn Business Model is an entirely new business format for distribution and invites ALL to promote themselves to the potential millions of viewers nightly, with matinee performances weekends and holidays.

A 100% Ethical Proudly Canadian Corporation

The Home Of Porn will firmly place Toronto on the map as a tourist destination with porn fans worldwide coming to meet and greet their favourite Porn Stars while then being able to witness them perform like never before. An unparelled experience which will be the bucket list of any dedicated porn fan. Couple this with an ethical business practice of no gimmicks, scams or upsells and The Home Of Porn offers a supreme customer and user experience.

Cannabis, alcohol, sex tech, and so much more marketing potential with a worldwide certified adult audience eagerly watching a paid production, the perfect demographic.


As an ethical corporation, our mission statement is to lead by example, being the change we want to see in the world. This philosophy encompasses being eco-friendly, applying attention to solar alternatives, plastic alternatives and diverting from all toxic pollutants, all the while promoting sustainable products and all-natural ingredients, with all products ethically sourced. This commitment extends to Charities and Foundations endorsed within year one.

2019 Stats

Billion Porn Views
Billion Phone Users
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Porn Stars Mia Malkova and Nicolette Shae 2017 Toronto
Porn Stars Amy Anderssen and Voodoo Toronto
Porn Star Amy Anderssen and Fetish Model Ariane St. Amour Montreal
Amy Anderssen at Oasis AquaLounge Toronto
Porn Star Jemma Valentine
T Girls at Sex Fan Expo
Master Tom and Dominatrix/Switch Scarlet Riot Toronto
Porn Stars Skyler Xtreme and Bishop Delonte Toronto

Film Production

Michael Gionet, CEO/Founder

Michael Gionet CEO/Founder of The Home Of Porn
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Michael Gionet is an accomplished Musician and renowned Toronto area Video Producer who has many years experience in the Canadian and American entertainment industry, both in nightclubs and in the A/V Tech and Video Production sectors. Out of this experience comes the development of the Live Porn Shoots, taking porn out of the back rooms and private studios and putting it in front of an appreciative audience. This also removes the shame, stigma and question of consent, a much welcomed bonus.

Founded Sept. 2013

In 2013, Michael Gionet became the first to produce a Live Porn Shoot with Porn Star Amy Anderssen at downtown Toronto sex club Oasis AquaLounge. It was an overwhelming success, thus The Home Of Porn was founded. Since then it's evolved into a multi-million dollar a night Business Model, essentially inventing an entirely new way to monetize the porn industry.


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and ethical makes the difference

Week Long

Ethical means safe, comfortable and profitable for all.

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The Home Of Porn treats On-Camera Talent like the celebrities they are.Unlike any other porn production in North America, The Home Of Porn typically offers week-long engagements, above average pay scale plus royalties and residuals AND worldwide exposure, all simply unheard of in the porn industry.

With options like chosing your own partner, suggesting your own scenes and setting your own limits, the ethical principle of this unique Buiness Model greatly benefits everyone involved. The Home Of Porn also produces ALL genres of porn and is LGBQT friendly, representing the Pride of Toronto.

An amazing opportnity for an amateur or established pro to experience career highlights, simultaniously obtaining worldwide fans for all the other work in your career.

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to sponsor worldwide events

Adult Only
Paid Clients

We are welcoming sponsors and/or endorsement deals.

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Marketing to a worldwide established fan base of porn fans nightly, twice on weekends and holidays, sponsors of The Home Of Porn advertise to a captive audience of paying adults, essentially anyone over the legal age with a phone. Perfect for cannabis, alcohol, the sex tech industry yet so much more.

Sponsors have the option of chosing XXX or Lite broadcasts for the benefit of having two entirely different demographics, both in the millions daily. Celebrity filled events with A-List guests offer brand appeal with exclusivity options for the early sponsor with a competitive edge.


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to a colaboration

Sweet Equity
Ground Level

If you have money to play with ...

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In a recession-proof multi-billion dollar industry, porn has not evolved since the dawn of the internet, and The Home Of Porn will change that. Be on the ground level of investing with impressive options like quick and generous ROI or equity under the right curcumstances. Comparable to UFC in structure, attraction and star appeal, The Home Of Porn offers anything from silent investor options to instant notoriety.

Having secured the first Seed Investment of $250K, the unlimited cash ceiling of this Business Model only gets better with more money to launch. This once in a lifetime investment opportunity is available for a limited time. If any potential investor seeks more celebrity, more investment opportunities and more Porn Stars in their life, contact The Home Of Porn ASAP.


build it and they will come

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