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Dubbed The Home Of Porn by it's CEO/Founder Michael Gionet, the Toronto Ethical Producer wtth over 3 decades in entertainment is seeking nominal Seed Funding for a 1st To Market upscale Brick and Mortar high profit-margin concept in monetizing the multi-billion dollar porn industry.

Imagine an upscale downtown Toronto Licensed Brick and Mortar nightclub where the featured entertainment is world famous Porn Stars performing Live Porn Shoots and this is the basis of the bold new Business Model concept dubbed The Home Of Porn. Then... imagine these amazing Live Porn Shoots and so much more offered LIVE worldwide via Pay Per View broadcasting nightly and you'll start to understand WHY I'm looking to fund this incredibly lucrative way to monetize a multi-billion dollar industry.

That's amazing! Keep doing a great job!

CEO of ManyVids Bella French

The Home Of Porn Icon And Favicon Designed By CEO/Founder #TheHomeOfPorn With an ethical principle, The Home Of Porn will be amazing for everyone worldwide, while in Toronto this bold Business Model will be employing a LOT of IATSE members, two shifts of bar staff, a robust UHD Video Broadcast Production Crew and so much more daily, as well as much more than what's described on this page. You've probably never considered what's new in Porn, but this is it!

I produced most of 2013 for Amy Anderssen Amy Anderssen Porn Star TryOuts At Oasis AquaLounge Sept. 10,2013 Produced by The Home Of Porn CEO/Founder And produced the first ever Live Porn Shoot at Oasis AquaLounge 2013. PS. Not my pic.

The Best Thing In Porn Since The Internet?

The Home Of Porn puts the FUN in Seed Funding with this Business Model and this is necessary because I am NOT and never was affiliated with the Porn Industry, merely a participant from the sidelines here in Toronto.

The Home Of Porn is completely independent so self-funding is the only option and hopefully before a corporation steals this concept, ruining it for everyone. I have the team, the proof, and decades of experience in entertaining people all over the world, as well as the worldwide support of Porn Stars and Porn fans everywhere.

Thanks Mike... thanks to him I got nominated for the AVN awards

Porn Star Skylar Xtreme

Amy Anderssen XXX Promo 2013

Produced by CEO/Founder of The Home Of Porn including most scenes and the final edited video with the animation of graphics, but NOT the graphics.

I didn't plan on being an AVN Award Nominated Ethical Pornographer, but working along side Amy Anderssen for almost a year in 2013, I quickly learned that Porn Productions are far from ethical. Most Porn Productions really undervalue their assets yet Porn Stars are worldwide celebrities that don't get treated as such. Surprisingly, they don't nearly get paid enough and it's often very hard for them to achieve steady employment. The Home Of Porn provides a solution to the perils of the porn industry.

The Industry Offers No Ethics. No Royalties. No Creativity. No Security.

With an unprecedented Business Model comes a revolutionary real-time video production with instant worldwide distribution, and this changes everything! Instant revenue, instant analysis of what works and what doesn't with constant Video Production daily, which easily supercedes any other porn production. What most nightclubs typically rely on in alcohol sales and door attendance for income, might only be 3% of gross nightly income. The Home Of Porn changes everything about the Porn Industry.

Seed Funding The Home Of Porn

As CEO/Founder with a Banker/Venture Capitalist cousin COO, we can easily prove this Business Model has limitless potential. Simply... everyone loves this concept firstly the Porn Talent, as The Home Of Porn will stand head and shoulders above all porn productions for offering Royalties, Residuals, Bonus Incentives along side paying way above scale. Secondly, the Porn Fans around the world will enjoy an entirely new form of incredible entertainment, nightly. This is a unicorn.

Seed Funding with make The Home Of Porn Canada's largest content producer which will undoubtable generate millions of dollars in revenue, and predicting this, here's the difference between anyone else doing this incredibly unique Business Model, and me. I vow to help support and improve this great city of Toronto showcasing it's Pride for the world to experience, and support this great country of Canada for being open-minded enough to support this Business Model concept. This Business Model will be Canadian Owned and Operated, not bought by a foreign corporation.

The Porn Solution And Evolution

A pleasant bonus of taking Porn Production from the private studio and putting it on stage for everyone to see is... it's real, and everyone enjoys this very crucial fact, including women. There is nothing faked, acted or simulated with complete consent and empowerment obvious and understood, unlike much of bottom tier of the porn industry.

But the best of all, The Home Of Porn offers live excitement that brings everyone together with an intensity and anticpation unparalleled in an industry divided between the sexes and focusing on solo enjoyment. This Home Of Porn provides an entire new genre of adult content to the world. hosting events as hyped as UFC starring world famous names to a worldwide audience of adults-only nightly, daily on weekends and holidays.

I'm totally into it!

AVN Award Winning Porn Star Mia Malkova

As an Ethical Production and Corporation, we believe that everyone benefits when success and wealth are shared which is what The Home Of Porn offers, rather than the standard porn industry ethic of hoarding all the profits.

By sharing the wealth everyone wins, similar to an open source software platform, The Home Of Porn will belong to the world thus putting Toronto on the map as being the true leader in Adult Production.

A Worthy Calculated Risk For VIP Investor

CEO/Founder of The Home Of Porn Michael Gionet

With over 3 decades in Adult Entertainment, Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of The Home Of Porn Michael Gionet is seeking Seed Funding for the best thing in porn since the internet.

The Seed Funding needed is for Phase One which is the Pop-Up Weekend, the proceeds of which should easily fund the permanent perfect location for The Home Of Porn.

The VIP Investor can oversee the entire process of earning their percentage that weekend while witnessing the sales and profit analytics in real time. Women are encouraged to invest, the feminine energy would be appreciated.

Board Member and Stockholder Options with Voting Rights available sitting on the best thing in porn since the internet. Any risk involved is overshadowed by the unlimited ceiling of opportunity, ethical business principle and local/global public support.

I would like to point out that this upscale downtown nightclub will NOT be called The Home Of Porn, it's merely a title or landmark name and absolutely great for SEO purposes, a discriptive catch phrase hopefully attracting you to the concept. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or criticism, feel free to reach out.

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.

Oscar Wilde

Sex sells and everyone knows this, however what very few know is MOST of the porn you see on the internet is owned by one huge conglomerate, including PornHub. Disrupting the porn industry is not easy to do, thus The Home Of Porn is very rare, incrediby bold and unbelievably lucrative. Taking the power of the porn industry and shifting it even slightly has been impossible until now! The Home Of Porn changes everything.

A Disruptive Ethical Porn Production

The Home Of Porn Icon And Favicon Designed By CEO/Founder #TheHomeOfPorn @Porn4Net I implore you to help me fund this lucrative business, and in doing so I promise to support our country by not utilizing tax havens while contributing greatly to Tourism and Hospitality in Toronto, and proudly representing Canada as a world-class Entertainment Production.

Interested? I'm seeking a meager Seed Investment for an impressive and quick ROI with options. Can't invest but know someone? I offer a handsome referral fee. Prepared are my White Paper, Valuations, Bank Statements and resume.

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Nicolette Shea retweet of the Red Carpet Kiss produced by The Home Of Porn CEO/Founder

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A 100% Ethical Canadian Corporation

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